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PAR30 Short Neck Halogen Light Bulbs

PAR30 Long Neck Halogen Light Bulbs

A new PAR30 light bulb will make all the difference in your space, and 1000Bulbs.com is the online lighting retailer to help you get the job done. Whether you're searching for 50-watt, 60-watt or 75-watt short-neck halogen lamps, you're in the right place. Choose between beam angles ranging from 9 degrees to 50 degrees to illuminate any space. For more options, discover different brands, voltages, life hours and color temperatures. PAR30 bulbs are great for a variety of applications in commercial and residential settings. Providing you with the largest stock of lighting fixtures at the best deals, 1000Bulbs.com is your go-to online retailer. And with the most helpful customer service available, you're guaranteed to find what you need.