Plant Propagation and Cloning Supplies

Plant Propagation and Cloning Supplies

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Plant Propagation and Cloning Supplies

Gels and Solutions

Enhance your cloning endeavors with products from our expansive Gels and Solutions collection. Designed to stimulate root development for cuttings and seedlings, each item ensures a high-quality yield of healthy plants. Choose from trusted suppliers such as Clonex, Olivia’s, Rootech, Rapid Start, Botanicare, Dip ‘n Grow, and EZ-Clone.

Cloning and Seedling Media

Cloning and Seedling Media are made to jumpstart the germination process for cuttings and seedlings. We carry a wide array of pellets and plugs made from materials including peat, rockwool, and soilless mix.

Cloning Trays and Inserts

Pair your cloning and seedling media with the perfect fit from our Cloning Trays and Inserts section. Options contain as many as 78 individual cells for each pellet or plug.

Tray Domes

These Tray Domes act as miniature greenhouses for your cuttings and seedlings, creating a humid and warm environment ideal for the rooting process.

EZ Clone Cloning Machines

EZ Clone Cloning Machines make cloning your plants, well, easy. Simply dip plant cuttings into the root stimulator of your choice, insert neoprene collars, and operate the EZ-Clone machine until roots appear. 16-, 32-, 64-, and 128-site options are available.

EZ Clone Accessories and Parts

Our EZ Clone Accessories and Parts section includes items such as manifolds, water pumps, misters, and neoprene collars – everything you need for your EZ Clone machine to propagate clones.

Botanicare Cloning Machines

Botanicare Cloning Machines create an optimal atmosphere for quickly and accurately germinating clones. Once your plants have rooted, simply transplant them to the desired substrate.

Germination Station and Hot House Plus Kits

Germination Station and Hot House Plus Kits provide contained cloning environments for your cuttings and seedlings, giving you complete control over your plants’ humidity, heat, and aeration levels. These top-notch options have everything you need to make your new plants take root.

Heat Mats

When placed underneath cuttings and seedlings, Heat Mats can greatly speed up plants’ germination process. We carry both small and large options.

Misc. Cloning Supplies

Our Misc. Cloning Supplies section includes accessories such as scalpels, measuring glasses, and pruners.