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Pumps and Irrigation Supplies

Hydroponic Systems, Parts, and Supplies

When you want your plants to grow quickly, you need quality hydroponic supplies, and you're in the right place to find them. has a variety of complete hydroponic systems to choose from, as well as all the parts you need to complete one on your own. No matter what your gardening needs are, has all the supplies you require at unbeatable prices. For assistance with your purchase, our friendly staff is here to help.

Trays, Reservoirs, and Stands

Trays, reservoirs, and stands are crucial for a variety of hydroponic systems. Our list of products includes ebb n flow trays, lids, and domes; reservoirs and reservoir lids; drum and vertical reservoirs; General Hydroponics controllers and reservoirs; and tray stands, accessories, and tools.

PVC Barbed Fittings

Use PVC barbed fittings, such as straight connectors, T-connectors, stoppers and plugs, stopcock valves and tubing reducers, to secure your irrigation system for your crops.


Use tubing to complete your irrigation systems and tanks in addition to your hydroponic systems. Comes in different colors, thicknesses, and spool lengths.


Drippers are ideal for keeping plants watered continuously. We also carry complete drip system parts, specially made support stakes, water rings, and more.

Sprayers and Spinners

Sprayers and spinners are great for evenly watering plants in a hydroponic garden.

Air Stones

Air stones will help improve your plants' growth by adding oxygen to the nutrients in your hydroponic, aquarium, or water farm systems.

Air and Water Manifolds

Air and water manifolds are ideal for running multiple air stones at one time or for maximizing the output from a single air pump in your hydroponics system.

Air Pumps

Air pumps allow users to provide their hydroponic gardens with a steady flow of oxygen.

Water Pumps

Water pumps deliver fresh water and nutrients to reservoirs in hydroponic systems.

Water Chillers

Water chillers are perfect for keeping the water and nutrient solution in your reservoir at an optimum temperature level.

Reservoir Heaters

Reservoir heaters help you maintain the water temperature in your tank or reservoir.