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Red LED Christmas Light Bulbs

LED C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs - Red

Light up your home or office this Christmas with these bright red C7 and C9 LED light bulbs. These replacement red LED Christmas lights are sure to impress. Use them in a centerpiece for an office Christmas party decoration or even an outdoor Christmas display that the whole neighborhood will enjoy for the duration of the Christmas season.

"C7" and "C9" refer to the vintage style bulb shapes of these red Christmas lights. They add a lot of character to a Christmas light display. C9s were introduced in 1927 and C7s later in 1934, both by General Electric (GE). Because this bulb style is so steeped in the Christmas tradition, they've become more and more popular as Christmas light enthusiasts try to add some throwback style into their yearly Christmas light displays. Their larger shape tends to show off the bulb rather than the twinkling color that mini lights have become known for. Our red replacement C7 and C9 Christmas light bulbs come with a faceted finish that adds some sparkle.

How to Use C7/C9 Light Bulbs

If you are decorating a historic building, these bulbs go a long way to add to the ambiance and history of a building because of the retro vibes these red Christmas bulbs give off. If you live in the historic district, have a Victorian style home, or a log cabin, C7s and C9s can make your holiday lighting truly shine.

Also because of their larger shape, when they're not illuminated these bulbs still look great during the day on the outside of your home. They're not as popular for Christmas tree applications because they may dominate your tree ornaments.

Benefits of Using C7/C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

These Christmas light bulbs are designed to replace traditional incandescent bulbs while consuming less power to help you save money on energy costs. LED bulbs also last longer than incandescents allowing you to use them for years longer without needing replacements. You can also use more bulbs on a single circuit before maxing out the run because LED Christmas lights draw less power.

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