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T5 Light Bulbs - Preheat Start Linear Fluorescent Tubes

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T5 Preheat Start Linear Fluorescent Tubes

T5 fluorescent lights are the ideal bulb in a variety of applications, and finding a new one has never been easier. At, we take the hassle out of locating exactly what you need. With so many choices at your fingertips, these bulbs are great for residential and commercial settings. Brands, lengths, wattages, diameters, bulb types and color temperatures are all among the options you can choose from. Additionally, the lifespans of these bulbs range from 5000 to 7500 hours. By using the proper ballast, T5 preheat start fluorescent tubes can reduce your energy consumption. Discover a great variety and the lowest prices when you choose for your lighting needs. For assistance, just ask our knowledgeable staff. We're ready to help!