Germicidal Ultraviolet

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Ultraviolet Germicidal

Germicidal light bulbs deliver ultraviolet rays at very short wavelengths that are able to disinfect by killing microorganisms. These lamps can help eradicate harmful bacteria and are used for a variety of things, namely in the purification of food, water and air. Because germicidal light bulbs are intended to rid an area of microorganisms, it is essential that the bulbs have regularly scheduled cleaning and are replaced annually to guarantee efficiency. Available in an assortment of options, such as 2-pin, 4-pin, screw-in, T5 bi-pin and plug-in compact, you'll find the right UV light bulb for your application. Many of these lights work in conjunction with specially-designed ballasts that control the electric current flowing to the bulb. 1000Bulbs has germicidal light bulbs and ballasts to provide everything you need to disinfect any location.