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Warm Dim A19 Bulbs

Warm dimming A19 LED bulbs take your dimming to the next level by changing the light color temperature as they are dimmed. For example, a 2700-Kelvin warm dim LED will emit a slightly yellow but bright 800-Lumen light at 100% brightness. As the light is dimmed, the light output (i.e. lumens) is lessened and the remaining light warms to a distinctly amber, 2200-Kelvin color.

LED Household Bulb - Smooth Dims from Incandescent to Candlelight Colors - 9 Watt - 60 Watt Equal - 650 Lumens - TCP LED9A19DA


LED Household Bulb - Smooth Dims from Incandescent to Candlelight Colors
9 Watt - 60 Watt Equal - 650 Lumens - TCP LED9A19DA
  • Family: Allusion
  • Life Hours: 25,000
  • Height: 4.6 in.

  • Diameter: 2.4 in.
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Case Quantity: 48
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$5.63 ea.


LED A19 - Household Bulb - Dims from Incandescent to Candlelight Color - 8 Watt - 60 Watt Equal - 800 Lumens - 3 Year Warranty - TCP FA19D60GL1


$6.00 ea.


Color Temperature for the Home

Color temperature is simply the color the light is perceived as and is measured in Kelvin. Lower Kelvin color temperatures around 2200K to 3000K will give your home a warmer, more yellow or orange-tinted light and more closely match the light of incandescents and halogen bulbs. These colors best highlight decor with red, orange, yellow, or brown as the major color or undertone. Higher Kelvin color temperatures in the 3500K to 5000K range will give you a cooler, more blue-hued light with the higher end of range resembling daylight. Decor with a color emphasis on greens, blues, and purples would benefit from this type of light. Not only can you control the amount of light in room, but with warm dim LED bulbs you can also adjust the light color to suit the activity. Use full brightness for reading, sewing, or cooking and then dim the lights for a softer, golden ambient light while watching a movie or having a dinner party.

Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Like any other dimmable LED bulb, compatibility is still a key factor to having full lighting control. Make sure your dimmer switch is LED compatible and always double check the "Dimmer Compatibility PDF" on our product pages to ensure you can utilize your chosen dimmer to the fullest.

Take control of your lighting with warm dim A19 LED bulbs from 1000Bulbs.com. Call 1-800-624-4488 and let one of our 50+ dedicated lighting experts find the color temperature range that is right for you!