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LED Warm Dim Bulbs

Adjust your lighting from full brightness to a warm glow reminiscent of candlelight with these LED warm dim bulbs from 1000Bulbs.com!

LED Warm Dim

LED warm dim bulbs are designed to gradually produce a warmer, cozier light when dimmed. The bulbs start out at full brightness and as the bulb is dimmed down, the light output decreases and the color temperature lowers to a warm amber glow. LED warm dim bulbs are available in a variety of shapes including standard household A19s, MR16s, and candelabra bulbs. These energy efficient bulbs last far longer than their incandescent and halogen counterparts, helping keep your replacement costs low. For additional energy savings, look for LED warm dim bulbs that are Energy Star certified. These bulbs may also qualify for state and local rebates.

Use LED warm dim bulbs in wide range of fixtures around your home or business, such as table lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, recessed cans, and track lights. When selecting warm dim LED bulbs, be sure to use a compatible dimmer as listed in the "Dimmer Compatibility PDF" on the bulb's product page and check the safety rating. The safety rating tells you what kind of conditions the bulb can withstand. Warm dim LED bulbs indoor locations should only be used in dry locations where the bulb will not be exposed to any kind of moisture. Bulbs rated for damp locations can be used in moisture rich areas like bathrooms. Damp rated bulbs can also be used outdoors as long as the bulb is protected from direct contact with rain and other weather.

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