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AC Electronics

AC Electronics, a leader in the ballast industry since 1996, was the first manufacturer to introduce ballasts designed to operate in extreme temperature conditions. While most ballasts fail due to overheating, AC Electronics ballasts are engineered to operate at the high temperatures found within many fixtures. AC Electronics ballasts are also made to perform in freezing temperatures and will start fluorescent and HID lamps placed in cold outdoor climates when other ballasts will not. The robustness of AC Electronics ballasts is not only optimal for high and low temperatures, but it also helps lamps run better in typical conditions as well.

Based out of Arlington, Texas, the company has over 15,000,000 installation sites worldwide. While AC Electronics primarily manufactures dimmable and non-dimmable ballasts and drivers for HID, fluorescent, incandescent, and LED fixtures, they have recently developed a selection of commercial LED fixtures.