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Active Aqua

Active Aqua is a brand under the parent company Hydrofarm, which specializes in hydroponic services. The Active Aqua product line is made up of trays to begin germination, chillers, air stones and water filters, along with many other hydroponic equipment products.

One of Active Aqua’s most important products is their trays. The company also carries pumps that enhance growth for both indoor and outdoor use, including submersible water pumps and commercial and regular air pumps.

The brand’s chillers come in four sizes and help to lower the temperature, as well as the noise level, in an indoor garden. Active Aqua chillers have a digital temperature memory system that will remember its previous settings even if the power turns off.

Active Aqua air stones help circulate the air in hydroponic settings in order to help distribute nutrients and oxygen evenly. This circulation promotes growth for more bountiful yields.

Active Aqua’s water filtration products include reverse osmosis systems, filters and de-chlorination systems. These systems include high-quality membranes and heavy-duty carbon blocks, and they can be kept clean using Active Aqua filters.