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As one of the brands under the parent company Barron Lighting Group, Exitronix is part of a 41-year history of manufacturing top-quality lighting products. Barron Lighting Group has an 80,000-sq. ft. production facility and corporate headquarters in Glendale, Arizona. The company operates ten distribution centers across the United States, as well as five manufacturing sites in China, to complete a 1-million-sq. ft. operating capacity. Barron Lighting Group has a growing passion for lighting solutions, and the company has developed a comprehensive line of LED, induction, fluorescent and HID fixtures for both commercial and industrial applications. The company has a strong core value of providing service and satisfaction to customers, as well as vendors and employees.

Founded in 1984, the Exitronix brand began when customers voiced a need for an alternative to continually replacing light bulbs in exit signs, as these signs and bulbs are normally in hard-to-reach places. Because of this, Barron designed, engineered and manufactured the first LED exit sign and launched the Exitronix brand. Next, Barron Lighting Group introduced Trace*Lite, and expanded into a new era of capabilities. Then, launching the specialty LED division, they offered decorative LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. This provided the company with the ability to offer customers full design services and a multitude of customized ideas and options.

Exitronix currently offers a few varieties of LED exit lights, such as expulsion-proof lights, plus lights designed for wet or hose-down locations. These locations might include food-processing areas, industrial sites and other areas where traditional exit signs are not practical. The brand also offers LED direction signs and weatherproof emergency lights. The emergency lights feature heavy-duty lenses, superior circuitry, gaskets to seal and protect the light, and they can withstand extreme weather and high-vandalism locations, too. Exitronix lights are engineered for strength and reliability with an aesthetically appealing architectural look, and they can be used in both commercial and industrial capacities.