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Fulham is a long-known global supplier of electronic ballasts, recognized for their trusted, cost-efficient lighting solutions. The company also features wide distribution of fine lamps, control systems, electronic transformers, LED arrays and drivers, emergency lighting, induction systems, signage ballasts, refrigeration ballasts, wiring harnesses, ionizers and custom assemblies. Standing by its quality standards, Fulham has been able to expand its services to clients across the globe.

Fulham has a reputation for producing an astonishingly low product failure rate, as their products undergo the most rigorous quality-control tests. The company’s staff of world-class engineers and production experts have a strong commitment to product innovation and leadership. Over 700 of their sales and service employees are stationed around the world with facilities in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Fulham envisions a world where people are able to control and enhance their “quality of light” through a wide range of ever-evolving, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting products and technologies. The company aims to design and fabricate innovative and intelligent lighting components that ensure the success and growth of energy-efficient lighting solution providers. Their high-quality products are competitively priced, and their premier customer service makes them a trusted ally to clients around the world helping to develop, distribute and install lighting systems.

Fulham has a variety of different ballast types. These include Workhorse, Longhorse remote mount, Racehorse, Sunhorse, Icehorse and Pony ballasts. Each ballast family is used for a different type of lighting. For example, Workhorse ballasts are used for energy-saving lighting, while Racehorse ballasts are used for decorative and architectural purposes. The company’s website features wiring diagrams for Workhorse, WHAM and Longhorse ballasts. Fulham products are the solution because they offer dependable, versatile and low-maintenance lighting.

Fulham also offers lines of products for use in extreme weather, such as the IceHorse low-temperature electronic ballast. These are designed to function in below-freezing outdoor temperatures. In addition, Fulham’s Workhorse commercial and specifier-grade electronic ballasts are perfect for business lighting applications, as they are both durable and energy efficient. They are also great to have on hand in case a replacement is needed, as they can be used for the widest range of lighting solutions. Fulham serves all lighting needs from home and industrial lighting to signage, such as POP or ad kiosks, interior decoration, theater or movie sets, retail display cases, refrigeration, tanning salons, aquariums, parking lot and street lighting, jukeboxes, arcade games and emergency lighting.

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