To Speak to a U.S. Based Lighting Pro


With more than 35 years in the business, HydroFarm is the oldest hydroponics wholesaler in the United States. In that time, the company has become a leader in the manufacturing of hydroponic equipment and high-intensity grow lights, and it has seven distribution centers throughout the U.S. The California-based organization is a wholesale-only vendor, and the products from its 14 brands are only available through trusted retailers. The company is dedicated to wholesaling only, as they prefer to serve their buyers instead of competing with them. HydroFarm does not operate any retail stores, which is unlike some of its direct competition. HydroFarm is committed to supporting the growth of its buyer’ businesses.

HydroFarm has more than 4,600 items in its line of products, with a vast selection of lighting and hydroponics. In its extensive catalogue of lighting supplies and accessories, the company offers grow light reflectors that can help increase the efficiency of indoor plant lighting. To give consumers options, there are four main types of reflectors: vertical, horizontal, internal ballast and air-cooled.

Grow light bulbs are also available through the company. Metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps are the most common to use in hydroponics. MH bulbs are used for foliage-heavy plants while HPS lamps are ideal for plants producing flowers. The wattage of each light determines how much area the lamp will illuminate, with higher wattages meant for larger areas.

HydroFarm also offers LED and fluorescent lighting, as well as hydro systems, pumps and irrigation. The vast selection of brands includes Phantom, Raptor, ActiveAqua, Daystar, ActiveAir, Agrobrite, Jump Start and more. Many of the company’s systems and pumps are fully adjustable and run quietly. The company provides the latest in technology, from ordering processes to the products themselves. HydroFarm is devoted to spreading knowledge about its products and brands through extensive resources such as its blog and various videos and books.