To Speak to a U.S. Based Lighting Pro


Founded in 1968 in Tucson, Arizona, IOTA started as a designing and manufacturing lighting company, with its initial focus being on low-voltage, solid state ballasts for fluorescents. Since its beginning, the company has grown and expanded into new areas, currently developing high-quality emergency lighting equipment for commercial, institutional, national and international use. Known for its ballast design, IOTA received national recognition after being selected at a national competition by NASA for use aboard the SKYLAB mission. Products IOTA offers include AC/DC power conversion and battery charging equipment.

Iota is committed to keeping up with the demands of the industry and the needs of its customers through the continuous expansion and development of electronic equipment. IOTA develops products of superior performance by staying up-to-date with current and future industry requirements and using contemporary materials. The company uses Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to ensure a high level of quality for each of its products. This allows for extremely accurate test data which is kept on file to further improve new versions of products.

Among IOTA’s most popular emergency lighting products is the emergency battery packs, which are designed to provide lighting where power loss has occurred without requiring additional emergency fixtures. These battery packs were introduced with time delay, open circuit isolation, and AC Output enhancements which were revolutionary solutions for modern fixture designs and met the high demands of new lamp and ballast technologies. Battery chargers are also available and designed to be used for deep-cycle batteries. IOTA battery chargers work quickly and efficiently to charge deep cycle batteries for operating pumps, motors and fans.

IOTA DC Inverter Ballasts are developed for military, aerospace, industrial and commercial applications. They are among the most efficient and durable designs and are available for fluorescent lamp operation at a number of different input voltages. With wide operating voltages, these ballasts have a consistently high performance and are energy efficient. High frequency switching ensures that the operating lamp does not flicker.