Minleon Minleon

Since 2005, The Minleon Group has been a leader in LED decorative replacement bulbs and RGB lighting products. Minleon USA is a member of the China-based international group of affiliated companies. While manufacturing occurs in China, on-site customer service and distribution sites can be found throughout the United States, making the company the top manufacturer and importer of LED holiday replacement bulbs in the U.S. By focusing on quality, reliability and premier customer service, Minleon is an established presence in the industry.

Holding the title of largest manufacturer and importer of decorative LED replacement bulbs in the country, the company offers a complete line of LEDs in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Minleon developed the first dimming LED replacement bulb in 2007, which has played a key role in the company’s success and further strengthened their presence within the market.

Additionally, Minleon is the only vertically integrated RGB provider in the market. RGB LEDs are those that change colors when turned on. The company manufactures and markets high-energy LED-RGB light strings, tubes, bars and ribbons, and they even write their own complimentary RGB light-show software, LightShow Pro. Minleon offers a full range of plug-and-play RGB lighting systems to fit customers’ needs, beginning with controllers with varying control features and including lights and accessories for the complete RGB lighting experience. LightShow Pro can be used with any of Minleon’s RGB controllers to create custom lighting effects and program the lights to music.

Minleon owns both the factories that manufacture their lights and controllers and the leading software used to program them. This allows the company to offer the flexibility of computer control to specifically tailor each product to the customer’s needs. Minleon has an established network of distributors across the nation, and they continue to expand daily to become the leader in RGB lighting and maintain their current standing in the traditional LED commercial market.