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Since 1993, Paraclipse has been a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial flytraps in the United States. Under the Paraclipse umbrella, there are a number of products that are specially designed to control flies, mosquitos, airborne insects and other pests. Using an exclusive auto-advancing cartridge system, the Nebraska-based company prides itself on manufacturing and supplying innovative designs.

These systems are extremely effective at trapping bugs because they use ultraviolet lights to attract flies and other insects. While the lights are harmless to humans, specially placed UV rays are not only good at drawing insects in, but they are also fatal. Flytraps from Paraclipse are also longer-lasting and more effective than standard glueboards. Paraclipse’s products are functional yet quiet and pleasing to the eye. There are no humming or buzzing sounds like those of a conventional bug zapper.

Under the Paraclipse name, customers can get the Insect Inn Ultra, Insect Inn Ultra Two, the Paraclipse Terminator, Paraclipse Fly Patrol and Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator. These traps use combinations of reflective surfaces, light bulbs and UV lights. Insects and flies are first drawn to the UV light of the trap, then lured by food scents, decoys on the trapping surface, and pheromones in the glue of the trapping cartridge. The slow-moving, auto-advancing cartridge lasts 60 days and is complete with an alarm to alert the end of its cycle. These trapping systems are environmentally friendly and perfect for food-handling areas, such as kitchens and restaurants, as they meet all the applicable guidelines and standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories. Each Insect Inn Ultra unit comes with two bulbs and one cartridge.

Paraclipse also provides replacements for the disposable parts and items in each insect trap. Therefore, when the light bulbs burn out or a cartridge cycle ends, it can be replaced relatively inexpensively. Keeping extras on hand is important to ensure the insect trap is working correctly at all times.