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Sun System

Sun System manufacturers and distributes an assortment of reflectors, magnetic and electronic ballasts, complete hydroponics systems and fluorescent lighting. The brand’s parent company, Sunlight Supply, Inc., was founded in 1995 in Vancouver, Washington, as a manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. The company offers over 5,000 different products, including all indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse garden needs. In addition, it carries and distributes a wide variety of outdoor gardening supplies. Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a wholesale business that sells products exclusively through authorized dealer partners. The company provides everything needed for growing success in soil, soilless mixes, Hydroton grow rocks, coco fiber or rockwool.

Reflectors have the ability to redirect light toward a specific area to maximize the lighting effect. Sun System has reflectors of different shapes and sizes to use in a variety of settings. Of the products offered, the Sun System Trifecta has a Hard Core 1,000-watt Switchable 120/240-volt Ballast, an Econo Wing Reflector, and an Ultra Sun 1,000 HPS lamp all in one box. This ballast is durable and dependable, and the package includes a sturdy spine for added strength.

In addition, the company manufactures a variety of fluorescent lighting. These lamps are a more reliable source of lighting than incandescent bulbs because they produce less heat and are therefore more efficient. Because of their multi-functionality and energy conservation, they are often found in applications where heat and energy are major concerns.

Sun System has become the top leading brand of grow lights for both indoor and greenhouse gardening. No matter the skill level or interest, Sun System has the supplies for a multitude of gardening needs. Their Distinctive Client List displays a variety of organizations that have chosen Sun System as their trusted brand of grow lights for commercial and research greenhouses.