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Universal Power Group

Since 1968, Universal Power Group (UPG) has been providing consumers with topnotch batteries and other power accessories. The company’s mission is to provide valuable solutions to consumers’ portable and back-up power needs. UPG is dedicated to enhancing productivity through collaboration and expansion. The company is committed to delivering quality and success in a way that rewards each and every stakeholder. UPG also has a supply chain service as an added platform. This helps its customers to maximize overall operational efficiencies for growth and a competitive edge.

Headquartered in Texas, UPG has offices throughout the United States. The company delivers quality power solutions for mobility, security, portability and accessibility. Positioned as a globally recognized brand, the U.S.-based business prides itself on offering additional services such as battery replacement/recycling programs and battery pack assembly. UPG is devoted to continuous customer satisfaction by doing business responsibly. Its customer base includes original equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

As one of the largest suppliers and distributors of sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries in the U.S., UPG is most well-known for these products. These batteries have been around since 1970s and make it possible to operate the battery in any position. Common uses for SLA batteries include small uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), wheelchairs, ventilators for healthcare and emergency lighting. UPG meets its consumers’ needs of accessibility, security, mobility and portability. They also have added value by offering battery pack assembly, battery pack replacement and recycling programs.

The company also has a selection of security and power accessory products. UPG wants customers to never be without power when they need it most. With items such as inverters, spotlights, transformers and alarms, cell phone chargers and cables, UPG guarantees power wherever it is needed. As an ISO Certified company, all of UPG’s operations and processes meet and exceed the requirements of the IDO standards for providing top-quality products and services. The company’s main goal is to create value and exceed the expectations of its customers.