To Speak to a U.S. Based Lighting Pro


Vickerman has been a wholesaler specializing in holiday décor and lighting since 1940. With showrooms all around the United States including Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts, California and Minnesota, the company proudly displays examples of exceptional holiday décor displays. Every year, residential and commercial spaces are transformed with Vickerman products and turned into beautiful holiday displays for all to enjoy. The company aims to strengthen a sense of family and community through its creation of holiday displays. It provides the necessary unique colors, choices, shapes and sizes of materials needed to put together these amazing presentations. They offer thousands of products to choose from.

Vickerman offers a wide range of products, from Christmas trees to commercial décor. One of Vickerman’s most popular products during the holiday seasons is, of course, holiday lights. Every Christmas display needs great lighting, and many rely on Vickerman to create their dazzling winter wonderland. The company’s inventory is complete with light-up trees and wreaths. Vickerman offers competitive warranties on many of their products. It is committed to providing the best possible service to customers as well as helping them to utilize and maintain their Vickerman merchandise.

Colorful globe lights, twinkling icicle lights and illuminated wires are just a few of the products that Vickerman has available. Customers can even choose between several different wire colors to specifically coordinate with their displays. Choose between individual bulbs or purchase the whole string or set. Those who want to reduce their energy consumption and save money during the holiday season can use LED lights to create a glowing Christmas display. Novelty décor options are also available, including tree-shaped window lights, garlands, and candle stick bubble lights. Vickerman gives consumers a wide variety of unique options to transform their space.