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1 x 4 LED Panels


1x4 LED Panels

Using a fraction of the energy of traditional fluorescents, these fixtures come on instantly to full brightness without needing a warmup period. Ceiling LED panel lights eliminate dark spots by using an acrylic lens to evenly distribute light, reducing the number of fixtures needed to properly light an area. Some fixtures come with an emergency backup that provides light during a power failure for up to 90 minutes. Dimmable LED panel lights allow you to adjust the light output as needed. To take advantage of additional energy savings, look for fixtures that have been DLC certified. These fixtures have been tested to meet strict energy standards and may qualify for state or local rebates.

1x4 LED flat panels have a lightweight design that allows for easy installation by one person into T-bar ceilings. Some lights have the option of being surface mounted to drywall ceilings with compatible LED panel mount kits. When selecting ceiling LED panel lights, be sure to look at the color temperature. Measured in Kelvin, color temperature describes the color of the light produced. Use 3500K LED panel lights in lobbies, retail stores, and other similar locations to create a welcoming feel. Choose fixtures with a 4000K light to help reduce eye strain in hospitals, classrooms, and offices. Fixtures producing a 5000K light are ideal for areas where increased visibility and concentration are needed.

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