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26 Watt CFL Equal - 2-Pin PL Retrofit LED Lamps

26 Watt CFL Equal - 2-Pin PL Retrofit LED Lamps

Upgrade to the game-changing 2-Pin PL retrofit LED lamps and enjoy top-quality lighting with unbeatable energy efficiency. Our LED lamps are the perfect replacement for outdated 26-watt plug-in CFLs, offering bright, vibrant illumination and a range of color temperatures to suit any occasion.

With our 26-watt CFL equal 2-Pin PL retrofit LED lamps, you'll save money on your electricity bills month after month thanks to their incredible energy efficiency. And with a longer lifespan than traditional CFL bulbs, they're a cost-effective option for any home or business.

Choose from a variety of color temperatures and operation methods. Color temperatures range from warm 2700 Kelvin up to daylight 5000 Kelvin. Plug-and-play lamps operate with an existing compatible ballast making for a quick and simple installation. Ballast bypass lamps operate directly off line voltage, requiring the removal of the ballast and rewiring of the fixture. Hybrid lamps operate both ways, starting out as a plug-and-play lamp and can later be reinstalled as a ballast bypass lamp.

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