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2 x 4 LED Panels


LED Light Panels - 2x4

Start saving money on energy and maintenance costs by switching out less efficient fluorescent troffers with these 2x4 LED panels that consume less power and last years longer. These fixtures are available in a range of color temperatures, allowing you to customize the lighting to fit your space. If you prefer the light of halogen lamps, pick a fixture that produces a warmer light around 3000 Kelvin. For testing rooms, hospitals, and dentist offices, studies have shown that a cooler white Kelvin temperature is better for visibility, focus, alertness, and productivity. LED panels feature a low-glare lens that evenly distributes the light and helps eliminate dark spots. For greater control of the light levels emitted by these fixtures, pair them with a compatible 0-10V dimmer switch.

Ceiling LED panel lights are lightweight for easy installation to a T-bar grid by one person, saving on labor and installation costs over similar fixtures. The thin design makes them an ideal choice for ceilings that do not have a lot of space overhead. Some LED panels also have the option of being suspended by cables. Other panels are available with an emergency backup, providing light for up to 90 minutes during a power outage.

Edge-Lit vs. Black-Lit LED Panels

LED panels are available in two different types: edge-lit and back-lit. Fixtures that are edge-lit have LED strips lining the edges of the panel. A guide panel directs the light into a diffuser to evenly distribute the light, giving the panel a slim profile. Back-lit fixtures have rows of LEDs across the back of the fixture cavity, aiming the light directly into the lens for a more uniform light. The profile for these fixtures is slightly larger than that of edge-lit panels.

Selectable 2x4 LED Panels

Some 2x4 LED panels are selectable, allowing you to choose between several preset output settings during installation. The output settings are changed with one or two switches located on the back of the fixture. These switches can control the Lumen output, the color temperature, or both. After the LED panel is installed, you will need to unmount the fixture in order to access the switches.

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