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4 ft. LED Wraparound Fixtures

Using far less power than similar fluorescent fixtures, LED wraparound fixtures emit light from the bottom and sides for all around illumination. Most 4 ft. LED wraparound fixtures use integrated LEDs, however some use single-ended LED T8 direct wire tubes. Designed with preset Lumen and Kelvin outputs, fixtures with integrated LEDs have no tubes to replace. Fixtures using LED T8 direct wire tubes allow you to choose the Kelvin and Lumen output you need. For areas where colors need to appear brighter and more accurate, use fixtures with a CRI of 90 or higher. Energy Star, DLC, and DLC Premium certified fixtures may qualify for state or local rebates, providing additional savings.

LED wraparound fixtures can be installed in a wide range of applications including basements, corridors, utility rooms, and garages. When choosing your fixture, be sure to look at both the color temperature and the safety rating. Color temperature describes the color of the light produced. Fixtures delivering a 3000 to 3500 Kelvin light create a welcoming atmosphere. 4000 Kelvin light helps reduce eye strain, while 5000 Kelvin light improves concentration and alertness. Some LED wraparound fixtures have switchable color temperatures, allowing you to toggle between three different Kelvin settings with a switch under the lens. Safety ratings indicate what conditions the fixture can operate safely in. Indoor rated fixtures should only be used in dry locations where no moisture is present. Wraparound fixtures rated for damp locations can be used in areas where moisture is present.

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