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4 ft. LED Tubes

Reduce maintenance and energy costs by retrofitting your fluorescent high bays, troffers, and strip light fixtures with these more efficient 4-foot LED tubes from!

T8 LED tubes produce the same amount of light while using less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. 4-foot LED tubes also last far longer, reducing replamping costs. Dimmable tubes can be used in areas where adjustable brightness is desired. For food service applications, look for LED tubes with a shatter-resistant coating that meets NSF requirements. 4-foot LED tubes that are DLC certified have been tested to meet strict efficiency standards and can provide additional energy savings. DLC certified tubes may also qualify for state or local rebates.

Types of 4-Foot LED Tubes

4-foot LED tubes are available in four types: type A plug-and-play, type B ballast bypass, type A/B hybrid, and type C. Type A plug-and-play tubes are the easiest to install, simply plugging into the fixture as long as the ballast is compatible. Be sure to check the ballast compatibility PDF provided in the Details tab of the product page to ensure that your ballast is compatible. Type B ballast bypass, or direct wire lamps, require that the ballast be removed (or bypassed). This eliminates a potential failure point and ballast maintenance. The fixture must also be rewired depending on the lamp's single-ended or double-ended operation. Single-ended tubes require power only on one end, while double-ended tubes require power at both ends.

Type A/B hybrid tubes are a combination of both plug-and-play and ballast bypass tubes. These 4-foot LED tubes start out as plug-and-play lamps. Once the ballast reaches the end of its life, the lamp can then be used as a ballast bypass lamp by removing the ballast and rewiring the fixture. Type C LED tubes are a newer take on plug-and-play and ballast bypass tubes. These tube lights use a compatible external LED driver instead of an existing ballast. Please note that the driver must be purchased with the tubes to ensure compatibility. The ballast is removed from the fixture during installation, eliminating ballast maintenance costs and compatibility issues. The external driver can be dimmed with any 0-10V dimmer after installation, allowing you increase or decrease the light output as needed by adjusting the wattage.

Tips for Choosing the Right 4-FootLED Tube

Be sure to look at both the color temperature and the ratings and certifications when selecting your 4-foot LED tubes. The color temperature describes the color of the light and is measured in Kelvin. Tubes in the 3000 to 3500 Kelvin range create a welcoming atmosphere ideal for lobbies and waiting areas. 4000 to 5000 Kelvin tubes can help reduce eye strain and increase visibility in offices, classrooms, hospitals, and warehouses. Ratings and certifications indicate the kinds of conditions that the tubes can be safely used in. Dry location rated tubes should only be used indoors where the tubes will not come into any contact with water or moisture. 4-foot LED tubes with a damp location rating can be used where moisture is present, but should not come into direct contact with water.

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