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4 Pin Plug-In

Plug-in CFL light bulbs are an efficient and longer lasting alternative to incandescents. Available in twin-tube, quad-tube, and spiral shapes, these lamps can only be used with electronic ballasts specially designed for 4-pin lamps. Plug-in CFLs come in several color temperatures ranging from 2700 Kelvin, which produces a warm light similar to incandescents, to a full spectrum 6500 Kelvin that simulates daylight. Capable of withstanding high temperatures and enclosed applications, plug-in CFLs are commonly used wide range of applications including warehouse lighting, retail displays, and downlights.

Plug-in CFL Base Types

To identify the base, plug-in CFL bulbs use an alphanumeric code. The base type starts with "G" or "GX" followed by a number that indicates the spacing between the pins (measured in millimeters):

Before buying, double check to see what socket your fixture uses to ensure you purchase the correct bulb. Plug-in CFLs are not interchangeable and require a specific socket. Change out old sockets with replacement plug-in CFL sockets. If you are looking for additional energy savings, plug-in CFL LED replacement bulbs are available.

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