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5000-9999 Lumens - LED Flood Light Fixture


With directional light that is easy to point where needed, these LED flood light fixtures outlast and outperform their MH counterparts. These integrated LED fixtures have no bulbs to replace, reducing time and money spent on relamping. Our LED flood light fixtures have a durable housing built to withstand rust and many fixtures having a tempered glass lens for added durability. These hardwire fixtures can be mounted in various ways including wall and pole mounting. Some fixtures are dimmable when used with 0-10 Volt dimmers. DLC certified LED flood light fixtures may qualify for state or local rebates.

Automate your LED flood light fixtures by pairing them with timers, motions sensors, and photocells. Timers allow you to set certain times for the fixtures to turn on and off. When motion is detected, motion sensors turn the lights on for a certain amount of time. Photocells automatically turn fixtures on at dusk and off again at sunrise. When pairing photocells with LED flood lights, make sure the photocell is LED compatible.

Tips for Choosing the Best LED Flood Light Fixture

4800 to 9999 Lumen LED flood lights can be used in a wide variety of applications. When selecting LED flood light fixtures, be sure to check the Lumen and color temperature outputs. Lumens tell you the amount of light delivered by the fixture. Fixtures with lower Lumen counts help reduce glare in smaller areas, while higher Lumen counts are used in larger areas. Color temperature is used to describe the color of the light produced. For applications such as landscape lighting and wall washing, choose LED flood light fixtures producing a 3000 Kelvin light. For larger areas that need increased visibility such as billboards, stadiums, and parking lots, look for fixtures delivering a 4000 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin light.

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