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6-Inch Ultra Thin LED Downlights

These lights offer exceptional energy savings compared to similar incandescent fixtures and last far longer. Available in round and square options, ultra-thin LED downlights are designed for ceilings that are shallow or don't have a lot of space. Ultra-thin LED downlights install easily without needing housings and are IC rated for direct contact with insulation. For showcasing merchandise or art work where color presentation is important, look for downlights that have a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or higher. High CRI light makes colors appear brighter and more vibrant. Some 6-inch ultra-thin LED downlights are JA8 certified. Required in the state California, these fixtures meet strict energy efficiency standards and have been registered with the California Energy Commissions (CEC). Many states tend to adopt California's energy regulations within a few years. Be sure to check your local regulations as your state may require JA8 certified fixtures soon.

What Color Temperature of Downlight Do I Need?

Ultra-thin LED downlights are available in several color temperatures. Producing a warm light, 2700K LED downlights are commonly used to create a cozy atmosphere. For a welcoming feel in lobbies and hallways, use a 3000K LED downlight. Helping to reduce eye strain, downlights emitting a 4000K light are popular picks for offices, hospitals, and classrooms. Improve visibility and concentration in task areas with a 5000K light. Some downlights are switchable, allowing you to select the color temperature you want before installation. Simply set the toggle switch on the J-box to the desired setting. Keep in mind that if you want to change the color temperature later, you will have to pull the light down from the ceiling in order to access the J-box.

Before selecting a downlight, check the location ratings to know what kind of conditions the fixture can be used in. For moisture rich areas such as bathrooms and covered porches, choose LED downlights that are damp location rated. If the downlight may come into direct contact with water, use wet location rated fixtures instead.

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