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150 - 200W CFL | 600W Equal CFL Lamps

6U CFL Bulb - 150 Watt - 500 Watt Equal - Daylight White - 8200 Lumens - 5000 Kelvin - Mogul Base - 277 Volt - Energy Miser FE-IIIB-150W-50K/277V


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150 to 200W CFL - 600W Equal Compact Fluorescents

The 150-watt and 200-watt CFL bulbs available from 1000Bulbs are a very cost-effective lighting solution. These bulbs will last much longer than standard bulbs and provide thousands of hours of use. Critical components of the bulbs that will be most directly exposed to heat are selected for their high heat tolerance, and the bulb's body is configured as a series of tubes rather than a single object in order to allow more heat to escape. The 600-watt equal CFL bulbs are an example of how this design provides more lighting surface area in a more compact space. The selection available at 1000Bulbs means you won't find better deal on these bulbs anywhere else.