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LED MR16 - GU10 Light Bulbs

MR16 LED Light Bulbs - GU10 Base

Originally designed as halogen lamps, multifaceted bulbs, commonly known of MR bulbs, were first used in slide projectors. The shape has since gained popularity in landscape lighting, track lighting, and recessed lighting. These LED alternatives are designed to replace traditional halogen MR16s but use a fraction of the power consumption and emit significantly less heat to help you save money in energy costs. Replacing an old MR bulb but aren't sure if it's an MR16 or MR11? No problem. The number after "MR" represents the diameter of the bulb at its widest part in eighths of an inch. MR16s for instance are 16 eighths of an inch, or 2 inches in diameter. These LED MR16s have a GU10 base and are available in dimmable and non-dimmable options.

LED MR16 Beam Angle and Color Temperature Options

Smaller more precise beam angles, like narrow spot, spot, and sometimes narrow flood, are typically used for task and accent lighting. Beam angles like flood and wider are more often used for more ambient lighting applications. The beam angles of LED MR16s include the following:

  • Narrow Spot: less than 10 degree beam angle
  • Spot: 15 degree beam angle
  • Narrow Flood: 25 degree beam angle
  • Flood: 36 degree beam angle
  • Wide Flood: greater than 50 degree beam angle

How cold or warm a light appears, referred to as color temperature, is measured in Kelvin. While LED MR16s were designed to replace halogen lamps, they are available in a much wider range of color temperatures. If you're wanting to maintain the look of your original halogen MR16s, an LED that is 3000 Kelvin is the closest direct replacement. The higher the Kelvin of a bulb, the cooler and bluer the light will appear. The lower the Kelvin, the warmer and more yellow the light. Landscape lighting should be 3000 Kelvin or lower, since higher Kelvin lights can make flowers and greenery look unnatural. We recommend lower Kelvin bulbs for ambient lighting, but display and track lighting can be used with higher color temperatures.

High CRI MR16 LED Bulbs

Track lighting and display lighting also benefit from bulbs with a high CRI, or color rendering index, of 90 or above. High CRI MR16 bulbs more accurately render colors so your artwork or family photos are shown in the best light. You can use high CRI bulbs outside, if wet location or enclosed fixture rated, but most landscape lighting doesn't need it.

For assistance finding the right LED MR16 for your application, contact our support staff at 1-800-624-4488.