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Amber-Orange C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

C9 - 7 Watt - Transparent Amber - Double Dipped - Christmas Light Bulbs - Incandescent - Intermediate Base - 130 Volt - 25 Pack


$0.38 ea.
Sold only by the 25 Pack for $9.51
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C9 - Opaque Orange - Intermediate Base  - 7 Watt - Christmas Light Replacement Bulbs -  120 Volt - 25 Pack


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C9 - 7 Watt - Opaque Orange - Incandescent Christmas Light Replacement Bulbs
Intermediate Base - 120 Volt - 25 Pack
  • Bulb Color: Orange
  • Voltage: 120

  • Base Type: Intermediate (E17)
  • Package Quantity: 25
$0.38 ea.
Sold only by the 25 Pack for $9.50
tag Discount Available!
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Amber-Orange C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

Add a warm and unique touch to your holiday decorations with amber-orange C9 Christmas light bulbs. These incandescent bulbs emit a soft, golden-orange hue that can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

The amber-orange color of these bulbs is perfect for those looking for a different and distinctive way to decorate for the holidays. They can be used in combination with other warm colors like gold, brown, and red to create a cozy and rustic holiday theme. You can also use them to create a vintage or retro look for your decorations.

C9 bulbs are larger than traditional Christmas light bulbs and are often used for outdoor decorating. These amber-orange C9 bulbs can be used to outline the roofline of a house, wrap around trees and shrubs, or decorate outdoor structures like gazebos and porches. They have a unique shape that sets them apart from other holiday lights and their larger size makes them more visible from a distance.

When choosing amber-orange C9 Christmas light bulbs, it's important to select bulbs that are the appropriate wattage for your needs. You should also consider the length of the string of lights and the number of bulbs needed to cover the area you want to decorate.