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Introduction to Ignitors, Capacitors, and Starters

No high-intensity discharge (HID) or fluorescent lamp is complete without the right ignitor, capacitor, or starter. These types of lights need ballasts to stay on, but they also need a little help to get started or to improve power. HID lamp ignitors provide a brief, high voltage pulse to the lamp to ignite the gases inside. When accurately timed, they help the lamp start more reliably. Our selection of ignitors are designed to work with either high pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps that operate a wide range of wattages. Starters work much the same way to light fluorescent tubes. Our fluorescent starters are compatible with lamps operating in a range of wattages. Capacitors, available in both oil-filled and dry-film technologies, are used with some HID ballasts in order to improve their power factor, light output, and even efficiency by regulating the inrush current that occurs when the light is initially started. Not sure what your HID and fluorescent lighting needs to maximize lighting potential? Don't hesitate to contact our support staff.