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Buy Fluorescent Light Bulbs Online

Save on Fluorescent Light Bulbs When You Buy Online

Buy fluorescent light bulbs online to save compared to big box stores. has fluorescent tubes including hard to find 700 series fluorescents, 800 series full spectrum or 800 series energy saving tubes and 900 series phosphors. You can also find food safe T8 tubes for produce and meat lighting along with appliance rated fluorescent tubes. Need circline or U-bend fluorescents? has you covered.

Compact Fluorescent and CFL GU24 Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs are available with the standard household screw in base sizes or GU24 twist and lock base. Both are excellent options for replacing incandescent lighting except where high color rendering accuracy is desired. CFL lights are not recommended for vanity lighting or bathrooms, but are used as general lighting applications, wall sconces, and lamps without much noticeable difference. When replacing incandescent lighting, GU24 base fixtures are becoming more popular, especially in California due to the added energy savings over traditional sockets.

Fluorescent Black Light Bulbs: White and Blue

Not all black lights are black (or violet) but all black lights emit ultra-violet light and cause certain materials to fluoresce or glow. The most recognizable black lights are BLB (black light blue), violet coated lights that look purple or dark blue when turned off. This type of fluorescent black light produces very little light in the visible spectrum, allowing the glow of white or neon materials to be seen more brightly. Laser tag arenas and bowling allies frequently use this type of blacklight bulb.

Less well known, also carries blacklights that resemble standard fluorescents. Labeled “BL” instead of “BLB”, these lack the blue filter. Skewing more towards blue than purple when turned on, these lights are frequently used in bug zapper insect traps.

Plug in CFL Bulbs

PL lamps are compact fluorescents in a 2-tube, 4-tube, or spiral shape. This type of CFL use 2-pin of 4-pin bases. Consuming between 50-80 percent less energy than incandescents, they also last up to ten times as long. Not commonly found in homes, you may need these for schools, offices, or retail stores.