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C7 LED Christmas Light Replacement Bulbs

What Are C7 Christmas Lights?

Compared to incandescent C7 bulbs that use around 5 watts apiece, these LED C7 Christmas light bulbs use less than 1 watt each. This allows more bulbs to be used on a single run without maxing out the wattage. LED C7 bulbs are cool to the touch and available in a wide assortment of colors including blue, red, purple, and green. Color-changing bulbs cycle through red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Purple LED bulbs skew toward red on the color spectrum, so even though they’re closer to blue than pink bulbs, some customers consider them to appear more pink.

C7 LED bulbs are similar in size to a nightlight bulb and have a candelabra (E12) base. if the base of the bulb measures 12mm, it is a C7 bulb.

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