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C9 LED Light Bulb Replacements

Constructed from polycarbonate material for superior durability, these bulbs are slightly wider and longer than C7 bulbs. You can verify that your current bulbs are C9s by measuring the diameter of the base. LED C9 bulbs have an intermediate (E17) base that measures 17 mm in diameter. Operating on less than 1 Watt, more LED C9 bulbs can be used in a single run than similar incandescent C9 bulbs using around 7 Watts. Choose from a wide selection of colors such as purple, amber-orange, and pink. For a more unique look, pick color changing bulbs. These LED C9 bulbs cycle through six different colors. Please note that purple LED bulbs skew more towards red on the color spectrum, so some customers consider them to be pink.

LED C9 light bulbs are clearly visible from a distance due to their larger size, making them a popular choice for highlighting rooflines and fences. When paired with mounting stakes, these bulbs can be used to line driveways, sidewalks, and paths. Strings of C9 LED bulbs can also be used as part of party and wedding decorations. Use a mix of red and blue bulbs for Fourth of July celebrations or combinations of green and purple bulbs for illuminating spooky Halloween decorations. For bulbs that more closely match the light output of traditional incandescents, use warm white deluxe bulbs.

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