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Christmas Garlands

Types of Christmas Garland

Our Christmas garlands are designed to resemble the look of different foliage types like pine and spruce to give your holiday decor a realistic look. We also carry garland designed to make a bolder statement with festive color tips. Choose either unlit or pre-lit garland in a wide variety of lengths, colors, and light bulb colors to fit the holiday design for your home or business.

How Christmas Garland is Made

Christmas garlands are constructed from either PE or PVC. The PVC garland start out as large sheets of PVC that are cut down into strips of a width specified for the individual branches of each type of garland. Then the sides of each strip are cut to make the needles. Next, these strips are attached to a twisted wire branch. The individual branches are then fastened together on a central wire to make the finished garland. The PE garland is injected molded so that it is more realistic in appearance than standard PVC garland, but this also makes it more expensive. Because of the cost, garland with PE branches are typically a mix of PE and PVC with the PE branches at the tips and PVC used as filler.

Are Individual Bulbs Replaceable?

Pre-lit garland with incandescent string lights come with replacement bulbs and additional bulbs can be ordered. The failed lamp should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid the other bulbs drawing too much power and increasing the failure rate. Our LED string lights are single piece molded construction, therefore the bulbs are not replaceable. In the event of failure of a single LED, it can either be left alone or repaired using an LED keeper and PODs. Both our incandescent and LED strings are very reliable and should stay lit if one lamp fails. However, in the case of incandescent, the failed lamp must remain in the socket until replaced for the string to remain lit.

Where and How to Use Christmas Garland

Garland can be used in many different areas in and around the home; the possibilities are only limited by imagination. Traditional places for Christmas garland include the mantel, around doorways and windows, and running down stair bannisters. But there are plenty more unconventional places to hang garland. If you have bookshelves, mirrors, or display cabinets in your living or dining room, drape your garland across the top. If the length is short enough, garland can also be pinned to chair backs; you can even hook name cards to the branches. Many Christmas garlands are a blank slate when it comes to decorating with just the foliage and sometimes lights to allow you to personalize the garland with additional ornaments or greenery. Customize your garland by adding artificial holly branches, ribbon, or pine cones along the length of the garland or using clothes pins to clip Christmas cards to add the spirit of Christmas to your display.