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Icicle Lights For Christmas

How to Hang Icicle Lights This Christmas

Whether you want to simulate winter or accent it, icicle lights from are an attractive way to add a cool touch to your holiday decorations. Icicle lights are typically hung where it looks like snow could drop, including under eves, along deck railings, or around windows. They can be mounted both indoors and out using Christmas light clips. We offer adhesive clips with 3M backing for easy installation inside and a variety of plastic clips that slide between shingles or onto the gutter for outdoor installations. These clips are an easy and damage free way to hang your Christmas lights year after year.

Incandescent vs. LED Icicle Lights

Icicle Christmas lights provide that postcard-ready front lawn that helps make your house the talk of the neighborhood. Both incandescent and LED have different lengths and spacing, so it's best to buy the entire length together if you can. Otherwise you may accidentally wind up with one set that has five inches between each vertical strand (drop spacing) and the rest with three. This makes the space between the bulbs uneven for a portion of your display. Never mix and match LED and incandescent on the same run. The two strings draw different amounts of power that are not compatible. You could blow out the LED string and create a fire hazard. Only connect LED string lights with LED and incandescent with incandescent if you want your lights to last.

The main difference between incandescent and LED icicle lights is the wattage. Incandescent lights are not as efficient as LED, so they use more power and you can't connect as many strings together on the same run. If you have a large display, LED is your best bet. While you can only connect 3 sets of incandescent strings together, you can connect 29 to 40 sets of LED icicle lights together depending on the max run. Each of our products lists a maximum number of sets under "Specifications" so you don't accidentally exceed the maximum wattage rating. Another difference is the shape. Incandescent mini lights only come in one shape, but LED light strings offer more versatility. You can pick between a similar shape as traditional lights, or a concave design that spreads the light out at a wide angle, making the LEDs appear brighter from all directions instead of just straight on.

If you would like help finding the perfect Christmas lights to wow your neighbors or delight your staff, give one of our lighting experts a call at 1-800-624-4488.