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Christmas Light Strings Indoor

Use Christmas light strings to decorate for Halloween, a tailgate party, or other events and occasions. From classic incandescent strings to battery operated LED strings, we have the best indoor Christmas lights to choose from.

LED Mini Light Strings

For bright lights both inside and out, choose LED mini light strings. Available in a wide range of colors and bulb shapes, these LED Christmas lights outperform and outlast their incandescent counterparts. In order to protect the sockets from water, all LED string lights are made as a single molded piece without replaceable bulbs. In the event that a bulb does fail, the string will still light.

Incandescent Mini Light Strings

If you prefer to have a traditional look, use these incandescent mini light strings. With multiple bulb and wire colors, these lights are suitable indoor and outdoor use. Unlike LED string lights, the bulbs can be replaced when one goes out. The string will still light as long as the failed bulb is kept in the socket.

Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Battery operated Christmas lights are ideal for areas where outlets are not accessible or when you don't want to have visible wires. These lights are available in several types including incandescent strings, LED strings with ultra-thin wire, and beaded garland. Use these lights to create beautifully lit mantels, wreathes, and centerpieces.

Lighted Ribbon LED Lights

Make presents or wreaths stand out this year with lighted ribbon LED lights. These indoor Christmas lights run an ultra-thin wire with embedded LEDs through the middle of a decorated ribbon. Operating using batteries, lighted ribbon LED lights can be for many applications without needing an outlet.

Micro Light Strings

For non-traditional lights that have no visible wire, choose micro light strings. The ultra-thin wires of these indoor Christmas lights can be easily shaped as need and use embedded LEDs to emit a bright light viewable from all angles. Sometimes referred to as fairy lights, micro light strings are available in plug-in and battery operated versions.

Novelty Light Strings

If standard holiday light strings have gotten boring, add some fun back into your lighting with these novelty light strings. Give your next party some character by hanging chili pepper light strings or go for a vintage look with bubble lights on your tree or across the mantle. Make your greenery or craft project pop with G12 LED mini berry light strings.

Creative Ways to Use Christmas Lights

Decorating with Christmas lights year round is easier than you might think. Hanging indoor Christmas lights in windows, around doors, or across patios are quick ways to light up parties or barbeques. Lights on a white wire make an ideal addition to wedding decorations, or can be used to create a star field on the ceiling of a child's room. If you lack the space for a tree this holiday season, make one by pining indoor LED Christmas tree lights to the wall in the shape of a tree. Light up Halloween costumes and props with battery operated lights or lighted ribbon LED lights. Enjoy lights on the mantle all year by placing string lights around decorations or photos. The possibilities are endless when decorating with string lights.

Please note that our purple lights tend to be closer to red on the red-purple-blue scale. Not sure which of these light strings are the best indoor Christmas tree lights for your application? Give our friendly team of holiday lighting experts a call at 1-800-624-4488.