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LED Flood Light Fixtures

Benefits of LED Flood Lights

Are you tired of dealing with dim, yellow lights around your business? Consider replacing old halogen and high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures with commercial LED flood light fixtures from! LED flood lights are made with integrated LEDs instead of bulbs, eliminating the need for frequent bulb replacements. These fixtures also have a longer life span, outlasting comparable HID and halogen fixtures. LED flood lights provide a consistent light that improves overall visibility, providing added security for commercial and residential locations.

Our flood lights come in a variety of sizes, ranging from compact for smaller installations to broad stadium lighting. Suitable for various mounting options such as wall and pole mounting, LED flood lights are designed for hardwire installation. These flood light fixtures offer directional lighting for a wide variety of applications including lighting parking lots and illuminating billboards.

Commercial LED flood lights can be paired with motion sensors, photocells, and timers. If you are planning on using your flood lights for security lighting, motion sensors will turn your lights on automatically when movement is detected. LED compatible photocells detect light and will turn your flood lights on at dark and off when the sun comes up. Do not use LED flood lights on a circuit with an incandescent rated photocell. Timers will turn your lights on only when needed, helping them last longer.

While many flood lights are rated for use in wet locations, some have an additional IP rating that tells how well the fixture is sealed against dust and water entry. It is noted using two numbers. The first covers dust protection and the second tells the level of protection against water. An LED flood light with an IP65 rating is sealed against dust and can be sprayed by water jets from any direction.

Lumen Output and Color Temperature Options for LED Flood Lights

Find the best LED flood light for your application by looking at both the light output and color temperature. Lumens measure the amount of light delivered by the fixture. For smaller areas, a lower Lumen count is better so you don't create unwanted glare. Higher Lumen counts are preferred for larger areas since the light will have more room to spread out.

Kelvin is used to describe the color of the light. A 3000 Kelvin fixture produces a halogen white light that is close in color to halogen lamps, and can be used for applications such as landscape lighting and wall washing. For larger outdoor applications including stadiums and parking lots, you should look for a fixture that emits either a 4000 Kelvin (cool white) or 5000 Kelvin (stark white) light to provide increased visibility.

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