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Constant Voltage LED Drivers

LED Drivers - Constant Voltage

Unlike most light bulbs which operate on a higher voltage alternating current, LEDs run on low voltage direct current. While some LEDs contain an internal driver, many require an external one in order to operate properly. Ensure your lights or fixture needs an external driver by checking the specifications sheet. Constant voltage drivers operate LEDs that require a fixed output voltage with a maximum output current. These lights require a consistent amount of output voltage, usually 12V DC or 24V DC. Constant voltage drivers convert a standard voltage, around 120-277VAC, to a low direct current voltage (VDC). These drivers will maintain a constant voltage as long as the current stays below its maximum amperage rating. If you need assistance selecting the right driver for your application, don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-624-4488 to speak to one of our lighting experts.