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Decorative Incandescent Light Bulbs

Add some charm to your light fixtures with these decorative bulbs available in globe, chandelier, and silver bowl varieties. These beautiful bulbs are ideal for specialty and restoration lighting projects, vanities, and more.

Globe Light Bulbs

Globe bulbs are used across a wide scope of applications. Many people opt for globe bulbs in vanities, pendant fixtures, restoration projects and more. Globe bulbs come in a variety of base types and finishes to be used in many different ways.

Chandelier Bulbs

Chandelier bulbs are excellent for use in chandeliers, wall-mounted sconces, and lanterns. Choose bent tip shape chandelier bulbs if you want the bulb to resemble a candle flame or straight tip if you would prefer for it to look more like a traditional bulb. These chandelier bulbs can either have an E17 intermediate base or a smaller E12 candelabra base to fit different socket sizes.

Silver Bowl Light Bulbs

Silver bowl light bulbs have a silver finish on the bottom of the bulb that is shaped like a bowl. These bulbs diffuse light by redirecting emitted light back into the fixture and are often used in pendant light fixtures.