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Flat Back Cylinder

Complete your track light installation by adding these flat back cylinder track heads from!

Compatible with H-track systems, these track heads feature a cylinder-shaped body with a flat back. Flat back cylinder track heads are designed for use with line voltage track. Operating on 120 Volts, these track heads are available in white or black finishes and are for indoor use only.

Choose between flat back cylinder track heads that use replaceable bulbs and heads that have integrated LEDs. Track heads using replaceable bulbs are single and two circuit track compatible. Suitable for use with either halogen or LED bulbs (sold separately), these track heads allow you to choose and later adjust the lumen and color temperature output as needed. Integrated LED tack heads are for use with single circuit tracks. These track heads have predetermined lumen and color temperature outputs. Some also have a high color rending index (CRI) of 90 or higher that makes colors appear brighter and more accurately. There are no bulbs to replace, eliminating relamping costs.

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