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Emergency Lights

Emergency Lighting Options

Along with exit signs, emergency lights are designed to provide adequate lighting in the event of an emergency or power failure. offers only the highest quality, UL 924 compliant emergency lights in configurations perfect for any building.

  • Standard Emergency Lights: The right choice for most applications, these are all hard-wired emergency lights with two heads. The primary difference is the style of the fixture, though you can also choose between tungsten, halogen, incandescent, and LED light sources.
  • Self-Testing Emergency Lights : While standard emergency lights require manual testing, usually pressing or holding down a button, these units monitor themselves and provide a visual indicator if failure occurs. Usually this means a colored indicator light will turn on or change color, but it can vary between devices, so read the spec sheets for the products for information on that particular model. Failure triggers can be a change to the AC power, battery voltage, emergency lamp connection, or charging circuit.
  • Remote Capable Emergency Lights: These emergency lights can be paired with remote heads to better spread out the light without needing as many fully integrated fixtures. Remote heads are available with LED or tungsten lights and may not be compatible with all remote capable emergency lights. Check the PDFs on each product page for compatibility or call an account manager for assistance at 1-800-624-4488.
  • Heavy Duty Emergency Lights: Common features of heavy duty emergency lighting includes a wet location rating and a higher flame retardant rating. These fixtures are frequently built with reinforced thermoplastic or die-cast steel housings to help them hold up against punishing environments or high traffic public locations.

Emergency lighting is a required safety element for any building that can be overlooked during major renovations or lighting upgrades. Don't let that happen to you; can help your building stay up to code. For assistance finding the right emergency lighting products, contact an account manager at 1-800-624-4488.