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F17T8 to F32T8 - Fluorescent Ballasts

How to Choose the Right F17T8 to F32T8 Ballast

Installing a new fluorescent ballast or performing an F17T8, FB24T8, F25T8, F25T12, FB31T8, or F32T8 retrofit? You've come to the right place! Though we have hundreds of ballasts to choose from, we make it easy to find the right one for your application and budget. Just select three things: How many lamps you need to operate, which start method you need, and how much light output you want.

Number of Lamps

The number of lamps your fixture is operating changes what ballast you need. Whether using fewer lamps for an aisle lighter or more for high bays and warehouse lighting, has what you need at an affordable price.

Start Method

Are you installing your ballast in an office, warehouse, or retail space? Since these areas require infrequent switching, select an instant start ballast. Is your new ballast going in a hallway, stairwell, bathroom, or anywhere controlled by an occupancy sensor? Select a programmed start ballast to better handle the frequent on/off switching in these applications.

Ballast Factor / Light Output

Choose a low ballast factor (less than 0.77) to save energy and reduce light output. Ideal for hallways and bathrooms.

Choose a normal ballast factor (0.77 to 1.1) to operate your lamps at or near their rated light output. Ideal for most applications, including offices and retail stores.

Choose a high ballast factor (above 1.1) to overdrive your lamps for up to 10% more light output. Ideal for warehouses and areas with high ceilings.