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T8 Linear Fluorescent Tubes - F32T8 - 32 Watt

F32T8 Bulbs - Linear Fluorescent Tubes

T8 fluorescent lamps from can be used for a wide range of lighting applications in commercial and residential spaces. Use them in the office or your boutique to design a well-lit space. Long lasting and energy efficient, these F32T8 bulbs are a much better solution than older T12 lamps and still provide the same quality of light. Color temperature for these lamps is available in a wide range of Kelvin options, and you can choose from various base types and brands to suit your needs and preferences. These fluorescent tubes can be used for both high and low installations to be perfect for different ceiling heights.

T8 700 Series Ban and Upgrading to 800 or 900 Series

Since July 2014, all 700 series T8 fluorescent tube lights are no longer being produced due to new minimum energy rating standards that the 700 series bulbs don't meet. While the phase-out is preventing manufacturers from making new 700 series lamps, you can still buy the lamps already manufactured. Stocking up may be a worthwhile consideration, because once all current inventory is gone, these bulbs will no longer be available.

Once the 700 series lamps have been sold out, the alternative is upgrading to either the 800 or 900 series T8 tubes. Upgrading to these more energy efficient lamps is as simple as switching out the lamps; no fixture changes necessary. Besides improving the efficiency of a fluorescent fixture, the 800 and 900 series lamps have a higher color rendering index (CRI) than the 700 series. The 800 series T8s have a CRI at or above 85, and the 900 series tube lights have a CRI of at least 90. Another alternative for replacing 700 series lamps is upgrading to LED tube lights. Plug-and-play LED T8 bulbs are designed to plug in without any change to the fixture.

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