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F32T8 - 3500 Kelvin - T8 Linear Fluorescent Tubes

T8 Fluorescent Lamp Series

T8 700 Series Ban

Since July 14, 2014, all T8 700 series fluorescent lamps failed to meet the new minimum energy ratings and are no longer be produced. The new ratings increased the minimum allowable values for lumen efficacy (lumens-per-watt), wattage, and minimum color rendering for each lamp. While existing lamps are still viable for sale, the phase-out prevents manufacturers from making 700 series lamps. It might be worthwhile to consider stocking up on 700 series fluorescent tubes since they'll no longer be available once all current inventory has been sold, or upgrading to 800 series or 900 series lamps.

Upgrading to 800 Series T8 Fluorescent Tubes

Most T8 lamps can be simply upgraded to a more efficient 800 series lamp without any fixture changes. Upgrading should be relatively easy and will result in more energy efficient lamps or improvements in color rendering depending on which T8 bulbs you buy. Since rare-earth metals are difficult to extract and refine - exceptionally high purity is required - the price of the 800 series lamp may be slightly higher, but the increase in CRI is well worth the added cost.

Upgrading to 900 Series T8 Fluorescent Tubes

The full visual spectrum line of 800 series lamps has a color rendering index (CRI) at or above 85. The 900 series have a 90 CRI, showing off colors in an even more accurate light. This updated line has offers over 20,000 life hours and is designed for use with electronic ballasts. Whether you're replacing fluorescent lamps in an office or wanting better visibility in your kitchen or restaurant, these T8 tubes beautifully illuminate a room.