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Spot and Flood Incandescent Light Bulbs


Incandescent Spot and Flood Light Bulbs

Illuminate wide, dark areas easily with flood light bulbs. These broad-beamed lights can be used in indoor or outdoor settings and are ideal for areas with low-light conditions. Stage lighting, sport stadiums, and underwater activities commonly require reflector light bulbs.

Take care when placing these bright lights, as they can cause glare and cast light where it's not intended. Reflector light bulbs are ideal for recessed can fixtures and track lights. When pairing the bulbs with can fixtures, be sure the size of the fixtures matches the size of the bulbs. Most of these bulbs have medium (E26) bases to fit the most common traditional socket size. However, the bulbs are also available in other base types like intermediate (E17) and mogul (E40), making it likely that you’ll find the bulb you are looking for to fit the socket size.

For tips on where and how to position your flood light bulbs, ask our knowledgeable staff or read How to Identify Your Reflector Light Bulb for more information. With a greater selection of items to choose from, you'll get better service from than from other online lighting retailers.


R12 flood light bulbs are the bulbs most commonly used to light elevators. They measure approximately 1.5 inches in diameter by 2.5 inches in length.


R14 flood light bulbs are small reflector bulbs used in a variety of specialty applications, from ceiling fans to cabinet and vent-hood lights. Made in both long neck and short neck options, these bulbs have a diameter of 1.75 inches.


R16 flood light bulbs are slightly bigger than R14 reflectors, with a 2-inch diameter. They are used in similar applications, from ceiling fans to cabinet and vent-hood lights.


R20 flood light bulbs are a great choice for track lights and 3-inch recessed can fixtures. We carry 28 to 50-watt R20 reflector bulbs, each with a 2.5-inch diameter.

R30 and BR30

R30 and BR30 flood light bulbs are a classic choice for 4-inch recessed can fixtures, with their 3.75-inch diameters. We carry 50 and 85-watt reflector bulbs.

R40 and BR40

R40 and BR40 flood light bulbs have 5 inch-diameters, making them perfect for 6-inch recessed can fixtures. We carry them in 55-watt to 500-watt options.


BR38 flood light bulbs are a completely sealed alternative to halogen PAR38 lamps and a great choice for outdoor fixtures. Available in a European voltage (230V), this bulb is great for use overseas or even on 120 volt sockets for extended life and a dim, yet warm glow.


If you’re in need of a wide beam of light to illuminate an area on a stage, in a club, or in a swimming pool, PAR56 lamps are an excellent option. The bulbs’ wide flood beam angle is excellent for lighting a wide area in many different possible applications.