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Fly and Insect Control

Paraclipse systems are more than just ordinary fly traps. Only Paraclipse uses a 3-pronged approach to capture disease-ridden flies and other insects: Ultraviolet light to attract flies, insect pheromones and food scents to draw them in, and an auto advance cartridge to finally trap them. is fully committed to maintaining an adequate supply of replacement lamps and cartridges for this high quality, established product.

Fly Patrol

The ultimate home decorative fly control system, powerful enough for light commercial use. The Fly Patrol meets all USDA and FDA guidelines and is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, garages, and small restaurants and delis up to 400 square feet.

Insect Inn I & II

Combines an attractive wall sconce design with commercial power. The Ultra I & II are ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, buffets, and dining areas up to 1,000 square feet.


The commercial/industrial multi-function fly trap. Because its ingenious design utilizes two lamps and UV booster reflectors, the Paraclipse Terminator attracts flies from both sides of the unit. The Terminator is ideal for commercial kitchens, food processing plants and preparation areas, supermarkets, warehouses, and hospitals up to 4,000 square feet.

Mosquito Eliminator

A decorative, yet highly effective mosquito control system. This special no-zap system uses no harmful chemicals or pesticides, yet effectively protects against disease-ridden insects. The Eliminator is ideal for outdoor restaurants, golf course patios, public garden areas, horse barns, and poultry and egg ranches.