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G12 Decorative Globe Bulbs | Incandescent

Add decorative accent lighting around your home or business with these incandescent G12 decorative globe light bulbs from!


G12 decorative globes have a diameter of 1.5 inches and are generally 2.38 inches in height. Like all incandescents, these bulbs produce a warm light around 2700 Kelvin making them a good choice for adding cozy accent lighting to living rooms, dining areas, lobbies, and other similar locations. For globes with more Kelvin options, look for LED globes. Incandescent G12 decorative globes are available with candelabra (E12) or intermediate (E17) bases, and can have either a clear, frosted, or colored finish. Bulbs with a clear finish do not have any special coatings on the glass. Frosted bulbs have a white coating on the inside of the glass that diffuses the output for a softer light with reduced glare. Colored bulbs have painted glass that provides rich color. For added convenience, some G12 globes are sold in packs.

Incandescent G12 globes are used in a wide variety of decorative Fixtures. Chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and bathroom vanities are a few of the most common. These bulbs can also be used with patio light strings for indoor and outdoor applications. Hangs light around patios, decks, and gazebos, or create stunning backdrops for weddings. Colored G12 decorative globes add fun lighting to parties and are popular picks for highlighting seasonal decorations.

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