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Halogen - Mini Bi-Pin

Designed for use in vehicles, puck lights, and many other fixtures requiring a bi-pin base, these mini bi-pin halogen bulbs are an excellent choice for illuminating your space quickly and easily. Choose from a variety of voltages, base types, bulb shapes, wattages, and Lumen outputs to help maximize your lighting design. Halogen bulbs are all dimmable to give you more control over the light levels in your application.

Identify the base of the mini bi-pin bulb you have in order to determine what kind of bulb you’ll need to replace it with. The base type is sometimes printed on the bulb or the fixture you install it in. If not, you’ll likely need to measure the base yourself. All you have to do is measure the space between the two pins in millimeters and match it to the base type the measurement corresponds to. For example, G8 bulbs have 8 millimeters between the two pins. Read this blog post at for more information about figuring out your bulb’s base type.

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