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Intermatic Timers

About Intermatic

A family-owned business, Intermatic is a global leader in solutions for managing energy in facilities, municipalities, agriculture, construction and manufacturing. Since 1891, the company has continued to provide customers with innovative, state-of-the-art technology. Intermatic has a team of highly-skilled staff with expert technical knowledge that is committed to supporting customers through the entire process from installation to programming. The company's products are complete with consistent warranties for customer satisfaction competitive in the industry.

Of its most popular products, the company is known for its selection of timers and sensors. With a variety of in-wall timers, plug-in timers and power packs, Intermatic products make it possible to auto-schedule when lighting and other power accessories are activated and deactivated. The company uses standardized testing methods and researched test case situations to prove that its products are both LED compatible and LED sustainable to stand the life of the lighting application. To provide clear information to its customers, Intermatic is committed to the development and implementation of a powerful testing approach. Because there is no distinct industry standard for testing controls for LED lighting, the company combined important information from NEMA 410, UL and CSA standards into a scenario for its products that truly showcases their performance with LED Drivers.

As for the assortment of sensors, the company offers occupancy/vacancy sensors that are able to detect when a room has been uninhabited for a certain length of time. This regulates the room's lighting. Intermatic offers complete lighting control systems as well as photo controls. The company has a vast selection of time switches including mechanical, electromechanical, wireless and electronic. These timers are used for a variety of purposes and come in both 24-hour and 7-day controls. Both user-friendly and accurate, in-wall timers come in both mechanical and digital and provide the control needed for comfortable living in the home.